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Crimson Ethereal – Olga Brylińska Image Consultant
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Intense | Dangerous
Crimson Ethereal



The Crimson Ethereal style is outlined in two directions. The first is the Dramatic element, which is understood as the one responsible for sharp and expressive lines in beauty and style. The second indicates drama in the common sense of the word. Here is a direct connection with theatricality and masquerade, and the makeup evokes stage makeup and styling.

The Dramatic element is closely related to words and terms such as: dramatic, dramatics, dramaturgy, dramatic arts, dramaturgical. Going further, it is a smooth transition to: theater and theatrical (synonymous with dramaturgical).

The above terminology points to the deep meaning of the stylish Crimson Ethereal composition presented in the moodboards. We can find a coherent juxtaposition of style elements related to Dramatic guidelines and theatrical, stage, and extravagant details.

Theatricality is immediately associated with the Theatrical Romantic type and the latter with the femme fatale. On the other hand, Crimson’s extravagance leads us to the Flamboyant Gamine guidelines, and the stage details bring to mind a diva woman, i.e., the Soft Dramatic type.

The influence of Crimson’s Dramatic element on the individual base styles is as follows:

  • Dramatic (highest degree of compatibility) – sharp vertical and diagonal lines, sharp edges, geometry based on triangles, slits, pleats, V-necklines, stiff fabrics
  • Soft Dramatic – accentuated vertical and diagonal lines, slits, delicate V-necklines (all guidelines softened compared to Dramatic), stiffer fabrics (combined with soft ones)
  • Dramatic Classic – sharp lines (vertical, horizontal, and diagonal), sharp edges, slits, V-necklines, stiff fabrics
  • Gamine – sharp lines (vertical, horizontal, and diagonal), sharp edges, slits, pleats, V-necklines, stiff fabrics, and the „needle-like” forms characteristic of pure Gamine (e.g., patterns and jewelry)
  • Flamboyant Gamine (compatibility is weaker than with Gamine) – accentuated vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines (their sharpness depends on the power of Crimson), delicate V-necklines, stiffer fabrics (combined with soft ones)
  • Theatrical Romantic – the structure of individual clothing items is more rigid and compact than the Romantic style, including sharp edges.

The second compatibility variant is based on the overall Crimson style, including all decorative elements and makeup. The following list is for pure base types and shows the most distinctive style elements:

  • Dramatic – full-grain leather, glossy leather, patent leather, and so-called crocodile leather (only shoes and handbags), snake motifs and patterns (only in accessories), zippers, open back necklines, pointed shoes, stilettos, jewelry based on a triangle shape, chokers, studs/eyelets, sharp lines in makeup
  • Soft Dramatic – full-grain leather, glossy leather, patent leather, and so-called crocodile leather (only shoes and handbags), feathers, open back necklines, exposing arms or legs, sexy extravagance, expressive makeup
  • Dramatic Classic – full-grain leather, glossy leather, patent leather, and so-called crocodile leather (only shoes and handbags), snake motifs and patterns (only in accessories), zippers, pointed shoes, precious metal chokers, sharper lines in makeup
  • Gamine – full-grain leather, glossy leather, patent leather, and so-called crocodile leather, snake motifs and patterns, zippers, exposing legs, pointed shoes, stilettos, needle-shaped jewelry, studs/eyelets
  • Flamboyant Gamine – full-grain leather, glossy leather, patent leather, and so-called crocodile leather, snake motifs, and patterns, zippers, feathers, open back necklines, exposing arms and/or legs, sexy extravagance (stronger than in SD type), gothic style, chokers, studs/eyelets, expressive makeup
  • Theatrical Romantic – full-grain leather, glossy leather, patent leather (only shoes and handbags), narrow heels, expressive makeup, femme fatale retro style (see Retro Fairytale Ethereal), gothic jewelry and chokers (in a definite retro style, never extravagant)

The typical femme fatale type is a combination of Crimson and Retro Fairytale Ethereal.

Wherever we can see a very clear theatricality, Crimson Ethereal is accompanied by Fairytale Ethereal. 

The essential elements of the Crimson style are listed below.

  • straight lines
  • sharp lines
  • long vertical lines
  • sharp edges
  • symmetry
  • tailored clothes
  • very fitted clothes
  • tight-fitting clothes
  • leather pants
  • leather dresses
  • leather skirts
  • leather jackets and coats
  • long, slim blazers
  • long, slim coats
  • pantsuits
  • tuxedos
  • jumpsuits
  • only slim dresses and skirts
  • pleated skirts and dresses are an exception
  • pleats should be tiny and tight
  • minimum length – above-knee
  • maximum length – maxi
  • in the case of pleats – the best length would be midi
  • monochrome in black
  • red only in combination with black
  • references to the gothic style
  • minimalism
  • accentuating vertical lines
  • all-black outfits
  • expressive and intense style
  • V necks
  • deep V necks
  • optional small round necklines
  • open back necklines
  • open back
  • narrow, sharp lapels
  • sharp, narrow pleats
  • sexy slits
  • creased pants
  • snake motif
  • snake pattern
  • textures – snake, crocodile
  • decorative zips (only silver)
  • metal tips/edges (only silver)
  • theatrical black feathers
  • large fur collars – only black
  • mesh inserts
  • fully sheer blouses
  • mesh fabric
  • back seam tights
  • fishnet stockings
  • long gloves
  • cat eye shaped glasses (only black)
  • medium weight
  • medium thickness
  • more lightweight materials (blouses, tops)
  • smooth surface
  • fabrics with a sheen (smooth)
  • elastic knitted fabrics of the lycra type 
  • addition of transparent fabrics
  • addition of stiff fabrics
  • lace with geometric pattern
  • genuine leather
  • glossy leather
  • patent leather
  • the so-called crocodile leather
  • black
  • red
  • dark red
  • the leading shade of red is cool crimson red
  • rectangle shape handbags
  • trapeze shape handbags
  • defined cuts
  • stiff construction
  • sharp lines
  • genuine leather
  • patent leather
  • the so-called crocodile leather
  • sharp, pointed toes
  • narrow stilettos
  • high stilettos (or moderately high) 
  • no platforms
  • flat shoes with sharp lines
  • boots with high, slim uppers
  • musketeers boots with very slim uppers
  • ankle boots on stiletto heels
  • narrow straps on sandals
  • red soles
  • decorative zips (handbags, shoes)
  • decorative rivets, studs (handbags, shoes)
  • red lining (handbags, shoes)
  • accent on black shoes and handbags 
  • only silver or platinum
  • oxidized silver
  • geometric forms with elongated lines
  • sharp lines
  • black decorative stones
  • sharp, spindle-shaped shapes
  • gothic jewelry (with as few smooth lines as possible)
  • jewelry decorated with chains
  • chokers
  • metal collars
  • expressive makeup
  • strong makeup
  • accent on matte makeup
  • cat eye
  • black eyeliner
  • optionally eyeshadows
  • eyeshadows – black plus gray hues
  • dark lipsticks in shades of red
  • almost black lipsticks
  • optional accent only on the eyes
  • wyraźnie zaznaczone kości policzkowe
  • black nail polish
  • dark red nail polish
  • hairstyles based on straight hair
  • very smooth hair
  • high shine
  • hair tucked behind the ears
  • no bangs
  • hair smoothly combed back
  • optional side parting
  • dark, cool shades

The individual style elements should be adapted to the beauty features and the entire Ethereal configuration.

Crimson – and all other Ethereals – can function as an independent element that makes up our type of beauty. In such a case, we are talking about the Ethereal type of beauty. We omit Kibbe typology and classic color analysis.


  • darkens and cools the coloring
  • physiognomy with a predominance of Yang characteristics
  • body type – moderately strong
  • body lines – slightly curvy (only the hips)
  • height – tall
  • shoulders – narrower than the hips 
  • waist – moderately defined
  • bust – small
  • musculature – low level
  • limbs – long
  • eyes – small
  • nose – distinct
  • lips – thin
  • cheekbones – very defined
  • expressive beauty (regardless of individual coloring)
  • Crimson Ethereal likes to couple with Wind or Fairytale Ethereal

The above list presents the beauty features that Crimson Ethereal is responsible for in its pure form. Please note that how we ultimately look is the result of several Ethereals combined together.


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