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Luminous Ethereal – Olga Brylińska Image Consultant
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Subtle | Ethereal
Luminous Ethereal



Luminous aura. Ethereal in the literal sense of the word. Light colors with delicate jewelry. Soft makeup or no makeup. This, to put it very simply, is the most subtle of all Ethereals.

We can imagine Luminous Ethereal as drops of dew in the sunlight. Most of all, it is apparent in one’s aura or vibe. Luminous Ethereal is very ethereal, and along with Mermaid Ethereal, it represents the stereotypical and general concept of Ethereal, which can be found on various websites.

When Luminous Ethereal appears in one’s Ethereal combination, and the person is additionally a delicate or toned color type, we need to soften the styles assigned to expressive Kibbe body types (D, SD, TR, DC, G, FG, SG, FN).

Luminous Ethereal representatives often prefer very delicate makeup. There is a particular aversion to foundations, concealers, and powders, the cosmetics that cover and strain the skin. Therefore, it is advised to apply the subtlest correcting makeup. If the state of your skin allows, you can limit your makeup to solely accentuating the eyes and, if necessary, the lips.

It is often (but not always) the case that luminous beauty can benefit from short (never very choppy) hairstyles. However, there is one condition: the facial features need to be delicate and harmonious (this usually goes hand in hand with Luminous Ethereal).

When Luminous Ethereal strongly influences one’s personality, high levels of sensitivity and empathy appear.

With strong Luminous Ethereal, we often deal with a petite figure and softened facial features. The Innocent element directs the vibe of luminous persons towards the Gamine group, regardless of their base type. In terms of stylish preferences, this translates into a love of youthful, comfortable clothes sewn from fabrics that are pleasant to the touch. A certain discrepancy can be observed when it comes to the base types and styles associated with them. The aura and beauty of luminous people relate to the Gamine group, and at the same time, these people intuitively adopt the styles closest to the Natural group.

At first glance, the issue seems conflicting. The style of the Gamine group is very different from the clothes assigned to the Natural group. So what is this all about? Where is the key to this puzzle? Well, there is a magic word that perfectly connects the inconsistencies mentioned above. It is a charming little word – babyish ?  No other word can so well convey the meaning of luminosity with all its wardrobe equipment and all the preferences of luminous people. And it is not about childish sweetness straight from Alabaster Ethereal, but about simplicity, lightness, and comfort above all else.

If you want to understand Luminous Ethereal, it is best to stop looking at it through the prism of Kibbe types for a moment. This will make it easy to recognize the Luminous in the beauty (especially with non-luminous individual colors) and understand the style modifications, which are usually quite precise here.

People with the strong Luminous can be easily recognized, among other things, by the fact that they are limited to a narrow selection of clothes. Colloquially speaking, most things look terrible on them. It even happens within the guidelines specific to their base Kibbe type and other additional Ethereals (i.e., non-base Ethereals). Luminosity syndrome is being an anti-chameleon. Of course, exceptions happen, but they only prove the rule. Luminous can be very restrictive and picky when it comes to style. It regularly dislikes something, or something constantly doesn’t seem right; something repeatedly itches and „bites.”

The main enemies of the Luminous Ethereal style are:

  • patterns
  • strong contrasts
  • extravagance
  • styles related to heavy Ethereals (e.g., Mahogany Ethereal)
  • sharp lines (e.g., Crimson Ethereal style)
  • rich, overloaded styles
  • elegance
  • any heaviness (e.g., strong rocker styles)
  • colorful sports style
  • uncomfortable, constraining clothes
  • stiff fabrics
  • heavy fabrics
  • fabrics unpleasant to the touch
  • uncomfortable shoes
  • matte
  • heavy makeup
  • expressive jewelry
  • polished and elaborate hairstyles
  • any overload (even one detail too many…)

In addition, the Luminous style can be emphasized with clothes relating to the Mermaid Ethereal’s mood. It is mainly about the ethereal aspect, i.e., all transparent, lightweight, airy, and delicate fabrics.

When modifying the style, it is worth starting from the base type and considering your entire Ethereal package. The point is not to go too far in your luminosity. Unfortunately, it is easy to get the effect of looking too loose and sloppy here. Being natural to the bone is not a good idea for your style, and it also applies to women of the Natural type.

The essential elements of the Luminous style are listed below.

  • soft lines
  • unrestricted cuts corresponding to the lines of the body (never tight-fitting)
  • naturally defined waist as an option (drawstrings, elastic band)
  • slightly loose clothes (never oversized – see Wild Ethereal)
  • blouson waist
  • all comfortable clothes
  • skirts and dresses can be slightly flared
  • minimum length – above knee
  • maximum length – maxi
  • robe dresses
  • robe coats
  • soft sweaters
  • basic knitted fabric tops
  • sweatshirts (never typically sporty)
  • sweatpants (never typically sporty)
  • comfortable jeans
  • pants with wider legs for summer (e.g., linen)
  • parkas with a drawstring waist
  • down jackets (never too sporty)
  • monochrome
  • minimalism
  • small amount of decorative elements
  • delicate plant motifs (preferably as a print or embroidery)
  • bird and butterfly motifs (preferably as a print or embroidery)
  • delicate fur trims
  • subtle sheen
  • round necklines (never large)
  • loose turtlenecks
  • hoods
  • knitted fabrics pleasant to the touch (including knitwear)
  • fluffy knits
  • cotton
  • linen
  • soft wool
  • comfortable denim (preferably with elastane)
  • fabrics with a slight sheen
  • transparent fabrics (as an option, addition)
  • light, neutral colors (including white)
  • light blue
  • light pink
  • combining blue and pink (Alabaster Ethereal likes it too)
  • light yellow (stronger yellow only as an addition, e.g., a print)
  • green (as an addition, e.g., embroidery with a plant motif)
  • in the color of natural leather
  • in light colors
  • soft lines
  • no expressive ornaments
  • crossbody bags (mainly due to comfort)
  • little backpacks
  • shoes as comfortable as possible
  • minimalist shoes
  • rounded toe shoes
  • almond toe shoes
  • low wedges
  • low, wider chunky heels
  • sports shoes (with toned colors)
  • small jewelry
  • delicate jewelry
  • plant motifs
  • never geometric
  • small amounts of jewelry
  • no jewelry
  • little or no makeup
  • illuminated makeup
  • the most natural hairstyles (or giving such impression)
  • loose, unsophisticated pin ups
  • short hairstyles (never geometric, never too short)
  • visually light hairstyles
  • the so-called movement in the hair
  • light blondes
  • illuminating highlights

The individual style elements should be adapted to the beauty features and the entire Ethereal configuration.

Luminous – and all other Ethereals – can function as an independent element that makes up our type of beauty. In such a case, we are talking about the Ethereal type of beauty. We omit Kibbe typology and classic color analysis.


  • lightens and brightens the coloring
  • physiognomy with a balance of Yin and Yang characteristics
  • body type – fine, fragile
  • body lines – slightly curvy
  • height – short
  • shoulders – narrower than the hips
  • waist – moderately defined
  • bust – small
  • musculature – low level
  • limbs – moderately long
  • eyes – medium size
  • nose – small
  • lips – slightly full, small
  • cheekbones – not defined
  • lack of expressive beauty (regardless of individual coloring) 
  • Luminous Ethereal likes to couple with Mermaid and/or Sparkly Ethereal

The above list presents the beauty features that Luminous Ethereal is responsible for in its pure form. Please note that how we ultimately look is the result of several Ethereals combined together.


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