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Rose Ethereal – Olga Brylińska Image Consultant
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Sensual | Flirtatious
Rose Ethereal



Rose Ethereal, like Slavic, is very floral. The main elements of style are rose patterns and prints. However, Rose’s style does not exclude patterns based on other types of flowers. Also, a typical meadow (Soft Gamine pattern), despite linguistic associations, does not necessarily have to be related to Slavic Ethereal. Small, densely arranged flowers can easily be classified as Rose Ethereal, especially if they are predominantly pink or placed on a pink background.

The most important color is pink, in all shades and all levels of saturation. Black appears as a second additional color. Its importance is secondary here.

Rose Ethereal is associated with a high level of generally understood attractiveness, although now, the beauty attributed to Mahogany Ethereal is promoted more and more. Mahogany facial features, colloquially speaking, are becoming more and more fashionable every year. But in fact, everything is related to the trends of a given decade, era. We should not pay too much attention to them. Each Ethereal is beautiful and unique. And if it is temporarily less fashionable? Who cares?

Rose Ethereal’s strength, as with any other Ethereal, depends on the overall configuration.

In the case of Rose Ethereal, among other things, it is about how much the pink color agrees with our beauty. In the second step, we determine the value of the pink color. We do the same for every Ethereal and every color associated with it. It is a simple, straightforward, functional, and practical method. But most importantly, it ensures the use of the most appropriate colors for our beauty type.

We should remember that the rules introduced with the development of the Ethereal Typology are not the same as the rules of classic color analysis. It is not true that our beauty will be flattered by all the colors in a given palette. It is much more critical to establish which exact colors emphasize our beauty. First, you need to choose specific colors, then determine their shades, brightness, and saturation levels. It is also worth knowing that the so-called expressive beauty is not always combined with an expressive color type (a clash between physiognomy and our own colors). This is especially true for the following types: Soft Gamine, Flamboyant Gamine, Gamine, Dramatic Classic, Flamboyant Natural, Soft Dramatic, and Dramatic. In the case of these types, „tweaking” the value of a given color or using black and/or white is usually even desirable. Unless, for example, a strong Luminous Ethereal stands in the way. But that’s another story.

Rose Ethereal achieves the highest compatibility with the Soft Gamine type.

The softened Rose Ethereal (Crystal Ethereal influence), which achieves the highest level of compatibility with the Romantic type (second degree with the Soft Classic type), the most important elements of the style are:

  • pink color 
  • ruffles (for R and SC only soft)
  • floral patterns
  • floral motifs (subtle prints, embroidery)
  • polka dots
  • decorative bows (only handbags and shoes, sometimes belts)
  • lines based on circles and ovals
  • flared cuts 
  • defined waist
  • peplums
  • jewelry with floral motifs
  • use of pink color in makeup (lipstick, blush, eye shadow, nail polish)

The above-mentioned elements also apply to the types with the second degree of compatibility with Rose Ethereal (Classic, Theatrical Romantic, Soft Dramatic).

Of course, the general guidelines above should be applied with moderation and caution. Peplums will not work for Classic women with a higher BMI and an apple figure. They will also not work for strong Soft Classic pears. Additionally, ruffles for Romantic or Soft Classic can never be stiff, and jewelry with floral motifs for Classic women will work only in certain exceptions.

In the case of analysis based solely on the Ethereal Typology, such issues are determined by the arrangement and strength of individual Ethereals.

The most essential Rose Ethereal style elements are listed below.

  • lines based on circles, ovals, serpentines (e.g., frill line)
  • flared cuts 
  • bubble skirts
  • bubble dresses
  • defined waist
  • mini dresses and skirts
  • knee-length dress and skirts
  • pleated high waist shorts
  • flared high waist shorts
  • commonly understood girly style
  • distinct references to pin-up (Rose E. is one of the elements of this complex style.)
  • the style based mainly on dresses and skirts
  • ruffles
  • floral patterns
  • floral motifs (prints, embroidery)
  • dots/polka dots/circles (as always, the size of the patterns depends on our proportions)
  • decorative bows (including on shoes and bags)
  • peplums
  • puff sleves
  • round neckline
  • sweetheart neckline
  • moderately thick
  • moderately stiff and stiffer
  • fleshy fabrics
  • fabrics retaining their shape
  • lightweight fabrics (only tops and blouses)
  • soft fabrics (only tops and blouses)
  • light pink
  • medium pink
  • dark pink
  • magenta
  • black
  • pink
  • black
  • handbags with stiff forms
  • handbags with curved lines
  • decorative elements – bows, rose motifs, other floral motifs
  • platform heels (as an option)
  • rounded toe shoes
  • almond toe shoes
  • T-strap pumps
  • pumps fastened at the ankle
  • Mary Jane pumps
  • peep toe pumps
  • tapered heels (never narrow)
  • medium to very high heels
  • ballerinas (especially with a decorative bow)
  • decorative bows can be flat
  • jewelry with floral motifs
  • pink decorative stones
  • jewelry with bows motif
  • eye makeup closest to the 50s style (the 60s are an Alabaster eye with an accent on eyelashes)
  • black eyeliner (classic bar or pin-up)
  • lipstick can not be too expressive
  • makeup with an accent on the eyes
  • use of pink color in makeup (lipstick, blush, eye shadow, nail polish)
  • 60s style hairdos (50s style hairdos – Retro Fairytale Ethereal)
  • headbands (Brigitte Bardot style)

The individual style elements should be adapted to the beauty features and the entire Ethereal configuration.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that the Rose Ethereal style shows some similarities to the Alabaster Ethereal style. Both are highly compatible with the Soft Gamine style. Both Rose and Alabaster bring to mind a doll. The alabaster doll is as if motionless, perfect, cold. However, the rose doll is more accessible, full of girlish charm. Rosy sweetness is intoxicating and warm. Alabaster is cold and inaccessible.

The term doll mainly refers to representatives of the Soft Gamine type. However, it also happens that women with completely different body types have doll faces associated with the Soft Gamine type. Sometimes it occurs up to a certain age and sometimes regardless of age.

The common elements of Rose and Alabaster are:

  • ruffles
  • peplums
  • pink color 
  • lines based on circles and ovals
  • decorative bows
  • flared cuts 
  • puff sleves
  • pleated high waist shorts
  • flared high waist shorts
  • fabrics retaining their shape
  • commonly understood girly style
  • the style based mainly on dresses and skirts

Rose – and all other Ethereals – can function as an independent element that makes up our type of beauty. In such a case, we are talking about the Ethereal type of beauty. We omit Kibbe typology and classic color analysis.


  • brightens and darkens the coloring
  • physiognomy with a predominance of Yin characteristics
  • body type – moderately strong
  • body lines – curvy
  • height – moderate towards short
  • shoulders – narrower than the hips
  • waist – distinctly defined
  • bust – large
  • musculature – low level
  • limbs – not very long
  • eyes – large
  • nose – small
  • lips – slightly full, small
  • cheekbones – not defined
  • moderately expressive beauty (regardless of individual coloring) 
  • Rose Ethereal likes to couple with Alabaster and/or Retro Fairytale Ethereal
  • softened Rose Ethereal is a combination of Rose and Crystal or Mermaid Ethereal 

The above list presents the beauty features that Rose Ethereal is responsible for in its pure form. Please note that how we ultimately look is the result of several Ethereals combined together.


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