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Slavic Ethereal – Olga Brylińska Image Consultant
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Comely | Graceful
Slavic Ethereal


Slavic Ethereal, like Rose, is very floral. However, the pink color is replaced with fiery red. Red is accompanied by: green, shades of blue, and white. These are the most important colors of Slavic. The combination of red and green is also very characteristic. Meanwhile, expressive blue along with red and white is a color scheme shared with French Ethereal (see French flag).

The style of Slavic Ethereal distinctly refers to folk aesthetics. Hairstyles are based on long, tightly braided hair (braids, braided buns). Makeup should be balanced between the eyes and lips or emphasize the lips. A characteristic element is a red lipstick. Nail polishes should also be red.

In the style of Slavic, as in the style of every Ethereal, specific colors and their combinations are key. Next, you need to determine their hue, saturation, and brightness level.

The style of Slavic Ethereal is often mistakenly confused with boho style (Wild Ethereal). When flowers or, for example, English embroidery appear in boho stylizations, it is a mixture of Ethereal styles. Floral motifs most often mean the addition of Slavic or Rose Ethereals. In turn, English embroidery is Slavic or Alabaster Ethereals.

The styles of Slavic and Wild may seem similar at times. The main difference is that Slavic is a totally Yin Ethereal. Wild Ethereal is Yang, resulting in a not feminine style. Besides, Slavic is polished and neat, and its cuts are typically feminine/Yin. Wild is sloppy and loose. Oversized cuts dominate. There is no place for flared dresses and skirts, waist definition, or flowers. There is, however, a sense of comfort, maximum slack, and even a bit of laziness.

Slavic is settled in one place, somewhere in the countryside, next to a house with an orchard and a garden. Wild Ethereal is on the way. Things seem dusty, sun-bleached, damaged. Of course, Wild E. takes some time to rest to regain strength for the next journey, which is absolute laziness and totally doing nothing.

Slavic Ethereal is compatible with the types: Soft Natural, Soft Gamine, and Classic. Its pure, totally folk style is entirely out of fashion today. Therefore, only some aspects of style, accessories, jewelry, and colors should be taken from this Ethereal. Slavic style should be treated as a fashion inspiration. Fashion designers who promote the Slavic style every few seasons know this very well.

In the Soft Natural type, the Slavic style becomes more muted. There is less Fire here and more Earth with an admixture of Air and Water elements. Expressive color combinations, typical flared cuts, or makeup with red in the lead will not work.

Fiery and colorful Slavic is closest to Soft Gamine type.

In the Classic type, we can apply the following elements of the Slavic Ethereal style:

  • red
  • green
  • shades of blue
  • white 
  • combination of blue and white
  • floral motifs (as symmetrical embroidery or prints)
  • white English embroidery (common element with Alabaster)
  • hemstitch
  • soft folk motifs in the form of symmetrical embroidery (not necessarily floral)
  • fur trim (evenly trimmed)
  • ruffles as a neckline finish 
  • flared cuts
  • tailored clothes
  • defined waist
  • cardigans with buttons
  • elegant handbags in the color of natural leather, decorated with delicate folk motifs 
  • feminine wedge shoes 
  • jewelry decorated with natural coral
  • jewelry with plant motifs
  • red lipstick
  • red nail polish

The essential elements of the Slavic style are listed below.

  • lines based on circles and ovals
  • tailored clothes
  • flared cuts
  • defined waist
  • minimum length – above knee
  • maximum length – maxi
  • vests/corsets/blazers decorated with folk embroidery (a reference to folk costumes) 
  • cardigans with buttons
  • embroidered sheepskin
  • all folk inspirations (with a focus on flowers) 
  • shapely feminine sheepskin coats and sheepskin vests
  • a style based only on dresses and skirts
  • floral patterns
  • floral motifs
  • plants motifs (e.g., leaves, twigs)
  • motifs of fruit growing in the orchard 
  • embroidery made of sequins or decorated with sequins 
  • hemstitch 
  • decorative lacing
  • hook and eye fastenings
  • ruffles as a trim finish of the neckline and sleeves (common element with Alabaster)
  • ruffles in blouses alongside the fastening (common element with Alabaster)
  • fur trims
  • scarves on shoulders
  • cambric
  • cotton
  • flax
  • wool
  • velvet
  • white English embroidery (common element with Alabaster)
  • red
  • green
  • combination of red and green (common element with Fairytale)
  • shades of blue (from light to dark)
  • white
  • combination of blue and white
  • combining many different colors (e.g., in an embroidered pattern)
  • leather handbags in the shape of a horseshoe
  • natural leather-colored handbags decorated with folk motifs
  • wicker baskets
  • rattan handbags and baskets
  • straw handbags and baskets
  • shoes made of fabrics
  • red, feminine shoes (inspired by folk aesthetics)
  • lace-up boots and folk style boots
  • Mary Jane shoes (common element with Retro Fairytale
  • feminine wedge shoes (with wedges made of string/straw)
  • red beads (e.g., wooden)
  • jewelry decorated with natural coral
  • jewelry with folk motifs 
  • jewelry with plant and floral motifs
  • expressive eye makeup
  • red lipstick
  • red nail polish
  • hairdos based on tightly woven braids
  • wreaths
  • floral ornaments in the hair 

The individual style elements should be adapted to the beauty features and the entire Ethereal configuration.

Slavic – and all other Ethereals – can function as an independent element that makes up our type of beauty. In such a case, we are talking about the Ethereal type of beauty. We omit Kibbe typology and classic color analysis.


  • brightens the coloring
  • physiognomy with a predominance of Yin characteristics
  • body type – strong
  • body lines – curvy
  • height – moderate towards tall
  • shoulders – equal to the hips
  • waist – distinctly defined
  • bust – large
  • musculature – medium level
  • limbs – moderately long
  • eyes – medium size
  • nose – medium size
  • lips – slightly full
  • cheekbones – slightly defined
  • moderately expressive beauty (regardless of individual coloring)
  • Slavic Ethereal likes to couple with Rose and/or Luminous Ethereal 

The above list presents the beauty features that Slavic Ethereal is responsible for in its pure form. Please note that how we ultimately look is the result of several Ethereals combined together.


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