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Classic – Olga Brylińska Image Consultant
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The Perfect Woman

Please note that I originally wrote this blog post in 2015 on my previous website, GET the LOOK. Some of the information below may be outdated. Currently, I work mainly with Ethereal Typology, created by me.

Outfits pinned on my Pinterest and my Instagram are the most current sources of information.


The primary feature qualifying for the Classic type is symmetry and perfect proportions, visible both in the facial features and the body’s structure. As you know, such features are infrequent. Therefore, Classic women are most likely the least numerous group of the thirteen types. Balanced symmetry and perfect proportions are features desired by many women. Unfortunately, these ideal qualities seem to be unrealistic. One can get the impression that Classic women do not exist at all, and we are dealing with a purely theoretical type. In his book, David Kibbe drew attention to the fact that slight deviations from the model description are possible even in this type.

However, despite everything, classic beauty is a very unusual phenomenon. The Yin and Yang elements are supposed to appear in perfect balance here. However, they do not manifest in their extreme forms, as in the Gamine types. The eyes are never extremely large, the mouth is never too full, and the silhouette is never boyish or too round. In the Classic type, the Yin and Yang are in perfect balance. As a result of such complete harmony, they create a woman of exemplary beauty. Is this a woman beautiful beyond measure? Perhaps. Although de gustibus non est disputandum, as we all know.

It is also worth reiterating that typical female attributes do not define perfect, classic beauty. If that were the case, the female Yin would have to be dominant. In the Classic type, none of the elements dominate, which results in pure and noble beauty, but at the same time, relatively cool and sterile. David Kibbe even mentions the tendency to light, masculine sharpness in bone structure. The physique may also show a slight tendency towards musculature. As you can see, this is the perfect balance between Yin and Yang.

The leading representatives of the Classic type are the (late) Duchess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, and the greatest star of French cinema, Catherine Deneuve. Although nowadays they are sometimes classified as Soft Classic, due to the minimal dominance of the female element Yin. Personally, I think that perfect faces and figures do not exist, and classic beauty is defined by particular features which are dominant but not the whole. Therefore, both Grace Kelly and Catherine Deneuve can easily be considered model representatives of the Classic type.

Among the stars of the younger generation, the red-haired True Spring, Amy Adams, is quite classic. Below we can see a comparison of Amy’s exemplary beauty with representatives of all other types. How does a Classic woman look in this ranking? Is classic beauty indeed an unprecedented ideal? Or maybe there are beautiful women in each of the thirteen types? Not necessarily perfectly symmetrical and proportional, yet still extremely attractive.


  • Height – from approx. 164 cm (5’5”) to approx. 174 cm (5’9”)
  • Vertical lines of medium length; classic woman’s height is correctly perceived
  • Body type – most often rectangle (body fat is deposited evenly)
  • Shoulders – slightly sloping, proportionate to the hips
  • Arms and legs – in proportion to or slightly longer than the torso
  • Hands and feet – proportionate, of moderate size
  • Bust – medium, proportionate
  • Waist – delicately defined
  • Hips – in proportion to the shoulders and waist
  • Forearms – well-proportioned, of moderate length


  • Jaw – proportionate, no distinct features
  • Nose – proportionate, medium size
  • Cheekbones – medium, symmetrical
  • Eyes – symmetrical, of moderate size and shape, averagely spaced
  • Lips – balanced shape, medium size, proportionate
  • Cheeks – medium, slightly defined


We can describe both the makeup and hairstyle of the Classic type with one most appropriate word: classic. Hair should always be smooth and perfectly combed. Artistic disorder, avant-garde, and romantic or elaborate pin-ups will disturb the perfect harmony of classic beauty. The hair can vary in length, but the hairstyle should always be regular and uncomplicated. For enthusiasts of shorter hairstyles, a symmetrical bob without bangs will be the perfect solution. If you want your hair to be even shorter, style it smoothly to reveal your face. With classic features, the bangs are entirely unnecessary. Hair can be parted either to one side or in the middle. The latter will additionally strengthen the effect of symmetry.

Classic makeup is perfectly balanced and synchronized. If the eyes are slightly outlined, the lips should not dominate the makeup. With more saturated colors of lipsticks, the eye makeup must be adequately intensified.

  • delicate eye makeup = delicately emphasized lips
  • stronger eye makeup = proportionately more accentuated lips

Very expressive makeup is not recommended.

Below is a compilation of the accurate and unsuitable makeup on Amy Adams. In the second photo, we can see the theatrical underlining of the eyes is giving too heavy effect. In the fourth row, the lips are the most visible, which clearly does not agree with the actress’s beauty. By the way, it is worth looking at how changing the hair parting affects the symmetry of classic features.

In the photo below, Amy Adams looks phenomenal. It is undoubtedly one of her best stylings. Perfectly composed makeup, appropriate hairstyle, earrings, and even a classic white collar create a harmonious combination with her beauty. Admittedly, David Kibbe would probably criticize too shiny lips. Although perhaps he, too, would have been breathless.


The wardrobe and jewelry for the Classic type should be textbook classic. Any striking decorations, asymmetry, draping, and any undefined shapes and forms are to be avoided. The lines should be slightly curved or straight (never sharp). The best cuts are those that fit the body perfectly or are slightly looser (never loose). Details – simple, clean, and minimalist. Patterns – symmetrical, regular, and evenly spaced. The outfits should be relatively harmonious in color. If you use a more intense color, give up the patterns and use color only in one thing. The rest of the outfit elements should be moderately neutral or create a monochrome composition.