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Flamboyant Natural – Olga Brylińska Image Consultant
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The Supermodel
Flamboyant Natural

Please note that I originally wrote this blog post in 2015 on my previous website, GET the LOOK. Some of the information below may be outdated. Currently, I work mainly with Ethereal Typology, created by me.

Outfits pinned on my Pinterest and my Instagram are the most current sources of information.


A Flamboyant Natural type is fundamentally a natural type. Its foundation is all the features inherent in the primary Natural type. This means a strong dominance of the male Yang element with the simultaneous lack of distinct sharpness, characteristic of the Dramatic. On the Yin-Yang axis, the Flamboyant Natural type is between Natural and Dramatic. The connection of Flamboyant Natural with Dramatic is variable, and it depends on the number of dramatic features in the Flamboyant Natural woman’s appearance.

The influence of the dramatic essence is manifested, among other things, in a particularly expressive image, which gives the Flamboyant Natural type a strong charisma and whimsical charm, thus distinguishing itself from the pure Natural type that does not possess these features. Even a slight influence of the sublime and majestic Dramatic can make a woman strong and dignified. In the Flamboyant Natural type, accessible and bright natural beauty is spiced up with a pinch of a very sophisticated Dramatic.

Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences between Flamboyant Natural (Liv Tyler) and Natural (Sandra Bullock), and between Flamboyant Natural (also Liv Tyler) and Dramatic (Milla Jovovich).

The style of a Flamboyant Natural woman is called Free Spirit Chic, according to David Kibbe. For us, it will be simply a style of artistic soul, expressed through a bold, extravagant image. The shapes should be built based on the letter T. Vertical lines emphasizing the slenderness of the figure (an element of a Dramatic image) are very important. Apart from the vertical lines, the horizontal lines, especially the shoulder line, play an equally important role.

As in any other type, a woman of this beauty type should base her style on the nature-given lines and shapes. Flamboyant Natural is characterized by strong and long vertical and horizontal lines, which should become the foundation for appropriate cuts and patterns.

Free Spirit Chic is not exactly boho style. There are no small and ornate details characteristic of boho. Following David Kibbe, it is a relaxed and sweeping style, spiced up with an ethnic and folk note. It is based on geometric shapes with blunt edges (see Relaxed Style – Natural type). There is no place for lacy, baroque ornaments, or a multitude of small details so characteristic of the typical boho style.

The Flamboyant Natural type can be most associated with supermodels from the 90s—tall women with a strong body and broad, muscular shoulders. Cindy Crawford or Claudia Schiffer would not meet the criteria imposed on models today. Flamboyant Natural women are generally large. To get to their desired size of 32 (European sizing), they would have to be on a stringent diet. It is much easier to achieve a skinny figure for women of the Dramatic type (Anja Rubik). Flamboyant Natural is defined by length and width, Dramatic only by length. Of course, among today’s models, there are probably also Flamboyant Natural women. Unfortunately, they probably achieve a very slim figure by regular fasting.

Free Spirit Chic is presented below by Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Blake Lively, Alessandra Ambrosio, Liv Tyler (all Flamboyant Natural ladies), and contemporary slim models with unknown beauty types (the third one seems to be a skinny FN type).


  • Height – from approx. 164 cm (5’5”) to very tall
  • Long vertical lines
  • Body type – cone or rectangle
  • Shoulders – broad, muscular, massive
  • Arms and legs – long, muscular
  • Hands and feet – large (narrow or wide)
  • Bust – medium or small
  • Waist – straight, not defined
  • Hips – straight, usually narrower than the shoulders
  • Forearms – slender, muscular


  • Jaw – wide with blunt lines or slightly sharper (possible protruding chin, like, for example, Alessandra Ambrosio’s)
  • Nose – wide, quite large or sharp, distinct
  • Cheekbones – wide or high, sharp, clearly defined
  • Eyes – large, medium, or narrow (large or small spacing)
  • Lips – straight, strong (sometimes wide), or straight and narrow
  • Cheeks – rather tight and relatively slim (full and rounded if overweight)


A Flamboyant Natural woman’s hairstyle should be as natural as possible. All the advice for a pure Natural type will also be accurate here. Tousled hair, artistic disorder, and the “out of bed” look will perfectly match the Free Spirit style. The color must also be as close to natural as possible. Subtle, illuminating highlights will work well.

Since both the body structure and the facial features of the Flamboyant Natural type differ from the pure Natural type, we will also find some discrepancies when it comes to choosing a hairstyle. Apart from the fact that the hair may look even more tousled than in the Natural type, you can also choose a slightly different direction when choosing a hairstyle. It would be a small bow to the Dramatic type, which, as we already know, has a significant impact on the beauty of the Flamboyant Natural woman. In practice, this means that more smooth, composed, and aristocratic hairstyles will also work. They will be suitable for slightly more subtle facial features (e.g., Robin Wright). This distinction is due to the fact that in the Flamboyant Natural type, the faces can quite differ from each other.

Let’s take a look at the facial features of Cameron Diaz and Robin Wright. You can clearly see that Cameron’s face on the Yin-Yang axis is closer to the Natural type. Robin’s face is closer to the Dramatic. Cameron Diaz looks best in unruly, slightly messy waves. On the other hand, the aristocratic image is perfectly suitable for Robin Wright. It is enough to watch at least one episode of “House of Cards” to appreciate Robin’s refined and subtle image.

Makeup appropriate for the Flamboyant Natural type should reflect strength and energy. In light, natural makeup, the face may appear a bit blurry and too large (except for faces with more subtle features). Strong red lips (the color recommended by David Kibbe) selected according to the color type will be perfect. The eyes do not necessarily have to be equally strongly accentuated. Makeup with a clear lip accent will work very well.


David Kibbe pictured the Flamboyant Natural woman mainly in oversized styles based on a T-shape. He only mentions slim, close-fitting cuts in the section on dresses. This limitation is a little confusing. If a silhouette can look good in a tight dress, why won’t it look advantageous in a fitting blouse, top, or jacket? Not to mention slim or skinny jeans, which in the 1980s were worn only by young, rebellious representatives of subcultures. Thirty years later, tight-fitting pants can be found in almost every closet.

Anyway, with what pants should we wear an oversized top? Apart from flared pants (wider from the middle of the calf), only pants with narrow legs will be appropriate.

The fact is that the silhouette of a Flamboyant Natural woman is best formed in the shape of the letter T. However, limiting ourselves to oversized cuts is not the only right way. In pure Natural style, there are also slightly fitted cuts (a reference to the classic style) among the looser ones. On the other hand, Flamboyant Natural, more or less (depending on the nuances in appearance), hints at the Dramatic style. And that means letting fitted items into your wardrobe. Why would a supermodel woman only wear colorful tents? Yes, if they are fashionable, you can go wild. But to wrap yourself in a fabric tent your whole life?

In conclusion, the Flamboyant Natural style is a mixture of the Natural style and the Dramatic style. However, we should remove the classic direction from Natural. In the Dramatic, on the other hand, we can remove all the distinct sharpness best illustrated by the sharp triangle (it’s mainly about giving up dramatic patterns and jewelry). Styles associated with the female Yin element should also be avoided.

We stick to the vertical line, accentuate or reveal the arms, widen the sleeves at the forearms (advantageous but optional), introduce V-necks and asymmetry. We incorporate geometric patterns that have blunt edges or are kaleidoscopic. We do not let go of animal motives. The hip line is also worth emphasizing. Horizontal draping below the waist or belts on the hips will be excellent.

We avoid flared dresses, skirts, and coats, as well as distinctly accentuating the waist. Instead, we become a slender cone dressed in oversized or slim styles. Naturally, the whole outfit is selected by following the palette suitable for our color type and making sure it is not bland.

Finally, it is worth remembering the most crucial point of the Free Spirit style, which is magnificent jewelry with geometric but not sharp shapes. It is not a mere accessory. It is the leading and most important element in creating the image of Flamboyant Natural. Large jewelry in ethnic style will add power and expression to even the most simple and monochrome outfit.