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Natural – Olga Brylińska Image Consultant
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The Relaxed Woman

Please note that I originally wrote this blog post in 2015 on my previous website, GET the LOOK. Some of the information below may be outdated. Currently, I work mainly with Ethereal Typology, created by me.

Outfits pinned on my Pinterest and my Instagram are the most current sources of information.


On the Yin-Yang axis, a Natural type is located between a sharp Dramatic type and a balanced Classic type. A rectangle with rounded corners is the figure that best illustrates the features of the Natural. There are straight lines, more or less wide bones (silhouette, face), muscular body structure, and the lack of sharpness typical of the Dramatic. As in the Dramatic type, the physique and face are strongly influenced by the male Yang element. However, the Yang features are soft, and any sharpness is smoothed out in the Natural type.

A Natural woman should surround herself with simple, geometric shapes with soft or rounded lines. These will be: rectangles, polygons, and squares with blunt corners, often irregularly shaped. Slight asymmetry is also advisable. In practice, this translates into a style that has a nice name – relaxed.

Here’s how Natural (Jennifer Aniston) compares with the two closest types, Classic (Amy Adams) and Dramatic (Keira Knightley). In the first row, we can see the faces, and in the second, casual, informal outfits. It is evident that such style best suits the Natural type. By the way, Jennifer Aniston is one of the few celebrities who wear the most appropriate style for their beauty. In the case of Mrs. Aniston, she has both an excellent hairstyle in the perfect color and flawlessly matched, natural (i.e., suitable for the Natural type) makeup. When it comes to clothes, sometimes it’s better, sometimes worse; generally, she dresses correctly. I wonder whether Jennifer herself has such a good sense of style, or was she lucky with makeup artists and stylists?

Another representative of the Natural type is Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, adored by the English. The lifestyle she leads rarely allows her to wear casual clothes. We know her as an elegant woman, dressed in a truly regal style. Sometimes more classic, other times a bit romantic. However, none of Kate’s official styles suit her.

Although we can also find elegant clothes in the Natural wardrobe apart from the strictly relaxed style, Kate never chooses such cuts and lines. Perhaps the court etiquette does not allow, e.g., dresses without a defined waist. Or maybe Duchess Kate doesn’t know what she would look best in. Despite her tall stature (175 cm, or 5’9”) and very slim figure, Kate does not look good in everything. Her beautiful hair and friendly face (although the makeup is usually terrible) save the day and suppress the dominance of the male Yang.

Below there are photos of Kate in the Romantic and Classic styles. The romantic dress emphasizes the athletic shoulders, forming a distinct cone shape. Additionally, the thin fabric clings to narrow, almost boyish hips. There is a tremendous contrast between the body and face heavily influenced by Yang and the outfit, which is extremely Yin.

Kate looks much better in the classic style. It is much closer to Natural on the Yin-Yang axis. Unfortunately, not to the point where the hips properly fill the dress. You can see that the dress is too wide in this area. Kate is also unfortunate with the choice of colors. The classic red that she likes is not from the True Summer palette (the color type of the Duchess). Such an attractive woman in suitable styles and colors could look much better.

Below, a relaxed Kate who looks much more interesting than in the official versions. By the way, she can probably rarely afford to be relaxed.

There are two subtypes of the Natural type: Flamboyant and Soft. Flamboyant Natural on the Yin-Yang axis is shifted towards the Yang side even further than the basic Natural. Soft Natural, as the name suggests, is closer to the female Yin.

Let’s take a look at the faces of three different Natural types. They are Liv Tyler (Flamboyant Natural), Duchess Kate (Natural), and Jessica Brown (Soft Natural).


  • Height – from approx. 164 cm (5’5”) to approx. 178 cm (5’10”)
  • Moderately long vertical lines
  • Body type – a rectangle with a slight definition in the waistline and strong arms
  • Shoulders – broad, muscular, massive
  • Arms and legs – often slightly longer in proportion to the torso, muscular
  • Hands and feet – large, wide
  • Bust – medium size
  • Waist – moderately defined waist
  • Hips – straight, usually slightly narrower than the shoulders, wide hip bones
  • Forearms – slender, muscular


  • Jaw – broad with blunt lines
  • Nose – wide, rather flat, quite large (narrow noses in the Natural type are usually the result of plastic surgery)
  • Cheekbones – wide
  • Eyes – usually narrow, straight, widely spaced (although there are exceptions like Jennifer Aniston, whose eyes are narrowly spaced)
  • Lips – straight, strong, sometimes wide, but never full
  • Cheeks – quite tight and relatively slim (full and rounded if overweight)


A Natural woman’s hairstyle needs to be casual and unpretentious. The hair should retain its natural texture, regardless of the length. The color must also be as close to natural as possible. Subtle, illuminating highlights will work well (especially for blondes). The effect of wind in the hair or a slight artistic mess are hairstyles especially suitable for the Natural beauty type.

For long hair, slight layering is advisable. The updos should be balanced between the romantic and the classic styles. Elaborate hairstyles with lots of strands sticking out or combed back hair will not work. A better idea would be, for example, parting slightly to the side and the hair gathered in such a way that it covers the ears. As a final touch, a few inconspicuously loose strands around the face are enough.

Male cuts, pronounced asymmetry, haircuts with sharp edges, strong layering, straight bangs should all be avoided.

Makeup, like the haircut, should give the most natural effect. Subtle, minimalist eye makeup and almost natural lips will work for the day. For the evening, light smokey eyes (without emphasizing the lower eyelid), soft lips (almost natural, but not much lighter than naturally), or a shade darker than the natural ones. Makeup should mainly be matte. The natural sheen may only appear on the lips (lip gloss effect, never pearly like Sandra Bullock’s in the photo above). The use of illuminating makeup products can be considered after the age of 40.

Avoid sharp contouring, clear outlining of the lower eyelid, dark eye and lip makeup, overly colorful shadows or crayons. Strong smokey eyes, a clear line drawn with eyeliner, false eyelashes, very expressive lips will not work.


David Kibbe called Natural’s style “Girl Next Door Chic.” Perhaps Americans think of a girl next door in some particular way. We Poles think of nothing else than a t-shirt and jeans when we imagine an average girl from across the ocean. So let’s better stick to the name “Relaxed Style.” It is definitely more articulate and affects our imagination. When we want to relax, we don’t want to wear tight-fitting or tailored clothes, we don’t want to emphasize the waist, and we don’t want fancy clothes. Above all, we need ease and comfort. Clothing should not restrict our movements or highlight the outline of our figure. This is what a Natural woman’s style should be like.

The perfect choice will also be French Chic, a nonchalant classic in a Parisian version. A dream style for a Natural woman.

The general and most important rule when choosing clothes for the Natural type is to avoid both the Dramatic type sharpness, as well as everything the styles strongly defined by Yin.

  • oversized clothing
  • slightly loose or slightly fitted clothes
  • safari style
  • straight-cut dresses, blouses, jackets, coats
  • dresses, blouses, blazers, coats – slightly tapered at the bottom
  • shirt dresses and blouses
  • blouson waist
  • dropped waist
  • natural fabrics (cotton, linen, wool)
  • knitwear
  • leather, suede
  • sheepskin coats
  • camo pattern
  • plaid
  • stripes with irregular edges
  • Turkish patterns
  • sweaters with a clear weave (decorated with, e.g., braids)
  • ponchos
  • large scarves
  • hoods
  • baggy handbags
  • jewelry that is in any way associated with nature (it is worth paying attention to the shapes that are mirrored in the recommended patterns – see the photo at the bottom of the page)
  • retro style
  • vintage style
  • romantic style
  • and all the styles assigned to the beauty types with a strong female Yin element (this applies to clothes, accessories, and jewelry)
  • girlish style
  • tight-fitting clothes (except pants)
  • thin, lightweight fabrics
  • clear asymmetry
  • sharp, geometric edges and patterns
  • small patterns
  • too many accessories
  • pointed shoes