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Romantic – Olga Brylińska Image Consultant
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The Sex Bomb

Please note that I originally wrote this blog post in 2015 on my previous website, GET the LOOK. Some of the information below may be outdated. Currently, I work mainly with Ethereal Typology, created by me.

Outfits pinned on my Pinterest and my Instagram are the most current sources of information.


Typically, we associate a romantic woman with an ethereal, delicate blonde with a petite body structure. David Kibbe had a completely different vision. According to his concept, a representative of the Romantic type has the most feminine body shape. Full breasts, narrow waist, rounded hips – these are the most characteristic features of the Romantic type, regardless of the weight-to-height ratio. In the case of Soft Dramatic, it was also a female hourglass, but the Romantic shapes are entirely different. The shoulders are rounded and sloped. The bust is not always as impressive as in Soft Dramatic, although it is always full and shapely. The hips and buttocks are more round, and the waist is more clearly defined.

Let’s take a look at Marilyn Monroe (Romantic) and Sophia Loren (Soft Dramatic). In addition to the more petite body structure, Marilyn clearly has narrow, delicate shoulders (strong dominance of the female Yin, both in body and bone structure). Sophia Loren has long, clearly defined collarbones. Her bone structure is dominated by the male Yang.

  • Romantic type: Yin bone structure, Yin body structure
  • Soft Dramatic type: Yang bone structure, Yin body structure

(Romantic woman is usually shorter than Soft Dramatic)

Below we can see Marilyn Monroe in a bikini. In the photo from years ago, we see an utterly feminine figure. Admittedly, Marilyn did not have large breasts or Latin buttocks, but we will not find a single ounce of Yang in her body shape.

Next to Marilyn Monroe, another star that David Kibbe placed among the Romantic type was Elizabeth Taylor. And here, unfortunately, it is impossible to agree with Mr. Kibbe. While Elizabeth’s facial features are Romantic features, the figure resembles an entirely different type of beauty. Short stature (157 cm, or 5’2”), narrow hips, and a very delicate bone structure clearly indicate the Soft Gamine type (girlish-romantic type). Elizabeth Taylor is definitely not a sex bomb.

Elizabeth Taylor (Soft Gamine) on the left, Halle Berry (also Soft Gamine) on the right, Beyonce Reynolds (100% Romantic) in the center:

When overweight, each type of beauty changes its physiognomy in a completely different way. With romantic women, body fat is accumulated in all the round lines of the body. However, the waist is still narrower and defined. Elizabeth Taylor’s body became T-shaped, and her upper body gained weight, while her thighs and hips remained slender. It is not the way a Romantic woman gains weight.


  • Height – short or medium (up to approx. 167 cm, or 5’6”)
  • Short vertical lines (due to rounded body shapes, the Romantic woman appears shorter than she really is)
  • Body type – hourglass (regardless of the weight to height ratio); however, it is not an hourglass with straight, wide shoulders as in the case of Soft Dramatic; pear shape also possible
  • Shoulders – rounded, often strong
  • Arms and legs – rather short in relation to height and torso
  • Hands and feet – small and delicate (narrow or wider)
  • Bust – full, rounded (medium or large)
  • Waist – narrow, very clearly defined
  • Hips – shapely, round, clearly distinct from the waist
  • Forearms – short, full (slightly rounded even with low weight


  • Jaw – delicate with soft lines; round or slightly tapered (sometimes wide like Salma Hayek’s)
  • Nose – delicately outlined, soft lines, often wider
  • Cheekbones – delicate, rounded
  • Eyes – large or medium-sized, often round
  • Lips – full (slightly or very full)
  • Cheeks – delicate, slightly rounded (even in slim women)


The Romantic hairstyle features soft waves or curls and romantic updos. Best length – shoulder length or mid-back. Hair that is too long will overwhelm the figure, which, after all, is not the slimmest. At the same time, the short haircut in the style of Marilyn Monroe, although very favorable, unfortunately, is completely outdated.

Avoid short cuts, geometric hairstyles, hair that is too long, and straight bangs.

Romantic makeup should be sophisticated and soft. In eye makeup, all contours should be blurred and out of focus. Smokey eyes will be better for evening makeup than a strong, clear line made with eyeliner (bright metallic shade in the inner corners of the eye is necessary). A subtle shine is essential at any time (metallic shadows, illuminating pink, lip gloss). Makeup with a touch of color also looks excellent; however, it must be subtle, like watercolor. Lips should always be sensual and shiny (both dark and very light colors should be avoided).


Extremely unnatural Dita Von Teese: an example of a Romantic woman who styles herself as Dramatic (two extreme types of beauty). The whole thing looks terrible. Where are the sharp cheekbones? The expressive contours of the face and the specific charisma so characteristic of Dramatic are lacking. Dita’s face in makeup suitable for the Dramatic type looks very unnatural and posed. If Dita were at least a Theatrical Romantic type, her metamorphosis would be much less blatant.

Below, Kate Winslet and Salma Hayek in appropriate and inappropriate looks for their romantic type of beauty.


Romantic women are made to wear dresses. David Kibbe mainly recommends airy, draped models with very flowing lines, always with emphasized waist. The distinct hourglass shape is a necessary element of the Romantic style. However, limiting this extremely feminine figure to airy clothes is quite a misunderstanding. Full, rounded shapes look great in a fitted (but not very tight) wardrobe. Marilyn Monroe liked tightly fitting dresses that fantastically highlighted her figure.

Modern fashion is not in favor of the Romantic figure. The cuts, patterns, and accessories are mainly dedicated to Dramatic women. The lack of an emphasized waist, minimalist forms, sharp edges, geometric patterns – this is completely not the romantic style. To highlight the advantages of a full, feminine figure, you should combine fashionable elements with items suitable for a shapely hourglass.

  • extremely feminine style accentuating the figure
  • deep rounded necklines
  • cuts emphasizing the bust
  • cuts emphasizing the waist
  • cuts emphasizing the hips
  • delicate draping at the neckline
  • high-waisted pants
  • peplums
  • airy dresses
  • flared dresses and coats
  • midi length (or slightly above the knee)
  • soft, flowing ties
  • soft fur trim
  • chiffon
  • delicate lace
  • soft ruffles
  • floral patterns with blurred edges
  • pearls
  • light and shiny elements
  • oversized clothing
  • boho style
  • too girlish style
  • masculine outfits
  • undefined shapes
  • skinny turtlenecks
  • wide flared pants
  • lowered waistline
  • high waistline in dresses
  • emphasized shoulders
  • plaid, stripes and pinstripes
  • geometric patterns
  • strong contrast
  • heavy fabrics
  • bulky jewelry
  • geometric jewelry