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Soft Natural – Olga Brylińska Image Consultant
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The Seductress
Soft Natural

Please note that I originally wrote this blog post in 2015 on my previous website, GET the LOOK. Some of the information below may be outdated. Currently, I work mainly with Ethereal Typology, created by me.

Outfits pinned on my Pinterest and my Instagram are the most current sources of information.


A Soft Natural type, like the pure Natural, is characterized by a rectangular bone structure. However, the Soft type can be distinguished by the pronounced influence of the female Yin element. It manifests in a more fleshy body structure and full facial features. A Soft Natural woman usually has large eyes, full lips, and slightly rounded cheeks. The lines of the silhouette are not typically curvy (see Romantic type). The body is full, the waist is defined, but the outline of the figure varies between a rectangle and an hourglass. Of course, the situation changes when we are dealing with a very skinny body.

Take as an example the anorexic figure of Angelina Jolie (Soft Natural), which has lost all visible signs of the female Yin influence. We can say that only eyes and lips remained Soft, and they seem to be unnaturally large against the bony face. Skinny Angelina is the ideal research material for the Soft Natural bone structure. The androgenic skeleton, the rectangular shape of the face, and the figure’s outline are clearly visible. However, when we take a closer look at the cheekbones, we notice that they are still devoid of sharpness. A skinny Dramatic woman would look differently. The features would be much sharper and the bones even more defined. Here, we have a rectangle with blunt corners.

The following photos show a slim but regular-sized Angelina. The Yin influence manifests with the presence of body fat. As a result, the body becomes fleshy; feminine shapes are formed. However, you still cannot see the strongly curved lines that would outline the silhouette in the shape of the number 8.

When overweight, as well as underweight, the body shape changes from an hourglass into a rectangle. Adipose tissue first accumulates around the waist and on the abdomen.

The very popular and adored Scarlett Johansson represents an hourglass-like silhouette. The Internet is abundant with her photos. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to find those that would show Scarlett in outfits suitable for her beauty type. The actress stubbornly chooses the wardrobe assigned to quite distant types on the Yin-Yang axis. The situation is saved by her photoshoot for Mango. On the example of a collection from a few years ago, you can see a small outline of the Soft Natural style.

Fresh and Sensual Lady, a Soft Natural woman who wants to create a style that emphasizes her beauty, has two paths to choose from. She can surrender to the aura of freedom, choosing the girlish boho style or go in a more feminine direction and focus on draping and emphasizing the hips. Yes, hips. Any creases and folds of the fabric should be mainly below the waist. Diva Chic (Soft Dramatic) arranges decorative details and intricacies at the bust level. The Soft Natural style introduces a sensual note around the hips. Accentuating the hip line is, of course, equal to highlighting the waist. (The draping can also be above the waist, provided the hips are not straight and narrow.)

Below, photos of Scarlett Johansson presenting the styles: Dramatic Classic, Theatrical Romantic, Romantic, Flamboyant Natural, Dramatic, Gamine, Classic, and Soft Natural. Let’s take a look at how dressing up as someone you’re not hurts your overall appearance.

We are looking at the style appropriate for Soft Natural from the sixth photo row, including the right makeup and hairstyle. Scarlett Johansson transforms as if by the touch of a magic wand. That’s very meaningful.

The polka dot dress (third photo below) has a perfect cut. The pattern (which cannot be seen in this photo) is favorably blurred and irregular. Additionally, it is placed at some distance from the face. Wearing the polka dots in this way does not disturb the Soft Natural lines. On the other hand, a dress with classic polka dots (one row above) is inappropriate.


  • Height – from approx. 164 cm (5’5”) to approx. 174 cm (5’9”)
  • Moderately long vertical lines
  • Body type – a delicately outlined hourglass with no distinct curviness (body fat first accumulates around the waist; forearms, hips, and thighs tend to accumulate cellulite)
  • Shoulders – wider (slightly square)
  • Arms and legs – of proportionate length or slightly short in relation to the torso, longer are also occasionally possible
  • Hands and feet – medium size, slightly fleshy or small and wide
  • Bust – medium size (the size of the cup strongly depends on the weight)
  • Waist – delicately defined
  • Hips – wider, soft, slightly rounded
  • Forearms – full, fleshy


  • Jaw – wider with blunt lines or slightly tapering
  • Nose – small to medium size, wider (never narrow or sharp)
  • Cheekbones – wide, blunt
  • Eyes – large, round, or almond-shaped (Angelina Jolie)
  • Lips – full
  • Cheeks – full, soft


Soft Natural, as one of the natural types of beauty, looks best in casual hairstyles. At the same time, the Soft type can no longer afford the Flamboyant Natural lavishness. Too messy hair will not be suitable. A Soft Natural woman will be much better off using a comb. The best length will be shoulder length minimum. Choosing a shorter haircut, Soft Natural gets rid of her sensual aura that should be the ultimate goal of her entire image.

The question of bangs is open. Some faces look better with it (Jennifer Lawrence), other don’t (Scarlett Johansson). If we decide to have shorter bangs, they should be slightly layered and “broken” (in the middle or on the side). Straight, full bangs do not agree with the Soft Natural face.

The pin-ups should be relaxed and loose (see Natural type) or slightly romantic. The latter will fit in nicely with the boho style.

You should avoid smoothly combed back hair and classic, very smooth pin-ups.

Makeup for the Soft Natural type emphasizes the eyes, with a pretty natural lip color. A strongly blurred, matte smokey eye will work best, including clear underlining of the lower eyelid. Of course, such makeup may turn out to be too harsh for the day (especially for delicate beauty types). Nevertheless, it is especially suitable for Soft Natural faces. The seductive look is also a perfect complement to the boho style. Just be careful not to overdo the eye makeup too much.

The intensity and selection of colors depend on the color type. It is essential to keep the look fresh while emphasizing the eyes. The right colors will determine final success, as always.

Interestingly, David Kibbe recommends a much softer makeup, similar to that recommended for the Romantic type. Perhaps the smokey eye in the 80s looked completely different than today. However, when looking at the makeup of modern Soft Natural representatives, it is evident that the smokey eye perfectly highlights their beauty.

An alternative may be to go for makeup that is appropriate for the Natural type. It can easily be an everyday, universal look. Not every woman likes a strong eye accent.


The wardrobe suitable for the Soft Natural type is a girlish Boho Chic or a slightly modified Relaxed style. Unlike the pure Natural type, the Soft type should accentuate the waist. It should not be as distinct as in the Romantic or Theatrical Romantic style, but the lack of waist definition creates a rectangular silhouette, and the Soft Natural figure resembles an hourglass. The sensual aura exuded by the Soft Natural woman requires that the style is saturated with Yin elements.

  • cuts slightly fitted to the figure with a defined waist (fitted, not tight)
  • if we don’t define the waist, then we focus on gently flowing cuts (e.g., a waterfall cardigan or a dress/blouse that flows softly around the figure – a reference to the Soft Classic style)
  • soft, gentle lines and contours
  • delicate, flowing oversized style
  • draping at the waist
  • draping below the waist
  • belts emphasizing the waist
  • optional – items with a blouson waist
  • loose, soft necklines
  • round necklines
  • asymmetry (especially at the hemlines)
  • irregular patterns with rounded shapes
  • soft abstract patterns
  • patterns and details referring to the folk style (folk embroidery, crochet lace, embroidered flowers)
  • patterns and details referring to nature, earth
  • patterns and details referring to antique
  • handbags with soft edges and undefined shapes
  • rectangular handbags with soft edges
  • delicate boho style jewelry
  • androgenic styles (Dramatic, Dramatic Classic)
  • straight, stiff lines and edges
  • accentuating the shoulder line
  • V-necks
  • sharp geometric details and patterns
  • animated prints
  • plaid and stripes
  • classic polka dots (those with blurred edges or overlapping one another will be appropriate)
  • stiff frills
  • delicate lace and guipure (thick, crochet lace will be appropriate)
  • very ornate, elaborate details and jewelry
  • too bulky jewelry
  • avant-garde jewelry