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Resources – Olga Brylińska Image Consultant
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18 Ethereal Beauty Types:



Ethereal combination / Ethereal configuration

In the analyzes based solely on the Ethereal Typology, it is a unique combination of beauty aspects, i.e., Ethereals.


Sun + Wind + Wild + Mermaid + Moon Ethereal

The first three Ethereals are the most powerful and have the most significant impact on your wardrobe. They are the starting point for the creative building of your style. The other two Ethereals are weaker, and their impact on the style guidelines is smaller.

Yin & Yang

The concept of Yin-Yang is derived from ancient Chinese philosophy. According to it, the universe and we as part of it are made of pairs of opposites that combine to form an integral whole. These pairs have contrasting features. One side is masculinity, movement, strength, speed, aggression. The second is the female aspect – passive, gentle, slow, melancholic.


YIN – female energy, the Moon, night, black, cold, water, passivity.

YANG – male energy, the Sun, day, white, heat, fire, activity.


With regard to our physicality, we are talking about the male (Yang) and female (Yin) elements.

The most characteristic features of the beauty broken down into Yin and Yang are:

YIN – short stature, full and rounded shapes, narrow waist, short vertical lines, the person appears shorter than they are, full cheeks, delicate features, large eyes, full lips. Other examples: low contrast, delicate floral patterns, frills, soft fabrics.

YANG – tall, angular, muscular, wiry, undefined waist, long vertical lines, a person looks taller than they are, pronounced cheekbones, sharp features, small eyes, narrow lips. Other examples: geometry, high contrast, sharp lapels, heavy fabrics.


Ingenue (in adults) symbolizes childish beauty, simplicity, naivety, and the joy of life. Its very distinctive features are the smile and the laugh, which are disarming and pearly.

Imagine an ever-smiling mature woman with a girl’s face and a girly aura. Ingenue is so powerful that it remains clearly noticeable even into old age. The signs of aging that appear are not able to diminish the power of this element. In that case, we are talking about women-girls (or tomboys) in whom the signs of aging become almost invisible. A smile, aura, particular facial features, often a petite figure and short stature make the age of such people entirely of secondary importance.

Ingenue may appear as an addition to any type of beauty, but most often, it appears in the Gamine group – Gamine, Soft Gamine, Flamboyant Gamine.

The Ingenue element is related to the Ethereals:

  • Sparkly
  • Rose

Ingenue is divided into two components. The first element is Innocent, and the second is Youthful. Both aspects of Ingenue can occur together as well as solo, influencing various beauty types in different ways.

Ingenue = Youthful + Innocent

Youthful (in people not necessarily young) symbolizes youthfulness and vigor.

You probably know people who, regardless of their age, are bursting with youthful energy. Those are the people who prefer to wear jeans and are often nonconformists, rebels, and restless spirits.

In their aura, regardless of age, you can always find youthful features. The Youthful element is more of a young boy (Yang) than a young girl. In its pure and strong form, Youthful means being carefree and reluctant to be a settled and seriously mature person. People with a strong Youthful element prefer typical youth fashion, including rock style. They also often like somewhat extravagant clothes and deliberately ignore current trends.

Youthful can appear as an addition to any type of beauty, but in its most powerful form, it most often occurs in the types: Flamboyant Gamine, Natural, and Flamboyant Natural.

The Youthful element is related to the Ethereals:

  • Energetic
  • Wild
  • Wind

Innocent (in adults) symbolizes childhood innocence manifested both in beauty and personality traits.

Innocent is delicacy, innocence, dreamy, absent gaze, Yin. This element, like Ingenue, is responsible for the features of a child in one’s beauty. However, instead of a smile, we have sadness and melancholy. The distinctive features of such beauty are large eyes and very subtle facial features. The Innocent element is highly ethereal and, unfortunately, sensitive to the passage of time. Its rejuvenating effect is incomparably weaker than that of Ingenue.

Innocent can appear as an addition to any type of beauty, but in its most powerful form, it most often occurs in the types: Soft Natural and Romantic.

The Innocent element is related to the Ethereals:

  • Alabaster
  • Moon
  • Mermaid
  • Luminous

The Noble element symbolizes noble beauty features.

Noble gives aristocratic features and statuesque beauty. Often also a majestic walk, a proud gaze, and a haughty way of being. Actors with a strong Noble are often cast as monarchs and magnates. Beauty defined with very distinct Noble features does not tolerate girly or tomboy styles. It does not benefit from even an ounce of infantile elements or crazy extravagance.

The Noble element can appear as an addition to any type of beauty, but in its most powerful form, it most often occurs in the types: Flamboyant Natural and Dramatic.

The Noble element is related to the Ethereals:

  • Sun
  • Royal
  • Crimson
  • Alabaster

A unique blend of strong Sun Ethereal and Wind Ethereal with the domination of the former. Most often seen in Dramatic and Flamboyant Natural types. However, having these two Ethereals will not always result in Angelic. It is a rare aspect of beauty.

Natural element
Symbol – a square with rounded corners.


The most important body features:

  • moderately long vertical lines
  • shape – wide, muscular
  • strong, broad shoulders (wider than the hips or in balance with the hips)
  • arms and legs – long and wide
  • hands and feet – long and wide
  • chest – wide with medium-sized breasts
  • waist – straight, undefined
  • hips – straight, wider

The first level of compatibility:

  • Natural
  • Flamboyant Natural

The second level of compatibility:

  • Soft Natural
  • Flamboyant Gamine

Style – loose, unconfined, not restricting movements, soft lines.

Romantic element
Symbol – circle.


The most important body features:

  • short vertical lines due to the distinct curves
  • shapes – full, soft, distinctly round
  • sloping, rounded shoulders (narrower than the hips)
  • arms and legs – short in relation to height
  • hands and feet – small, often wide 
  • chest – round with large breasts 
  • waist – narrow, well-defined
  • hips – wide, rounded

The first level of compatibility:

  • Romantic
  • Theatrical Romantic

The second level of compatibility (soft is synonymous with romantic):

  • Soft Gamine
  • Soft Natural
  • Soft Classic
  • Soft Dramatic

Style – typically feminine or girly (Soft Gamine), accentuated waist, soft lines.

Dramatic element
Symbol – acute triangle.


The most important body features:

  • long vertical lines
  • shapes – angular, slim
  • slim, angular shoulders (in balance with the hips or narrower than the hips) 
  • arms and legs – long, narrow 
  • hands and feet – long, narrow
  • chest – slim with small breasts 
  • waist – slender, slim
  • hips – straight, narrow, boyish

The first level of compatibility:

  • Dramatic
  • Gamine

The second level of compatibility:

  • Flamboyant Gamine
  • Flamboyant Natural
  • Dramatic Classic
  • Soft Dramatic

Style – referencing masculine (Dramatic) or boyish (Gamine) style, tight cuts close to the body, sharp lines.

Classic & Gamine

Classic is not an element. It determines symmetry and proportions. Classic specifies the group name and one of the Kibbe base types.

Gamine is also not an element. It is compactness, and the clash of extremely Yin and Yang features. Gamine specifies the group name and one of the Kibbe base types.

Base type

Base type or base is the Kibbe type. This definition is used in the case of analyses based on the Kibbe typology’s combination with the Ethereal typology. In this case, the Kibbe type is the foundation for building a style, and Ethereals are a supporting tool. They also indicate whether you are a pure Kibbe type or have additional Ethereals incompatible with the Kibbe base.

Your configuration may then look like this: 

Gamine (Sparkly Ethereal + Crimson Ethereal) + Mermaid Ethereal + Crystal Ethereal + Alabaster Ethereal

Ethereals in parentheses are a constituent element of the Gamine type (highly compatible with it). The other Ethereals are additional aspects of your beauty, and having them means that you are not a pure Gamine type.

For analyses based solely on the Ethereal typology, Ethereals dominant in your configuration are the base and foundation.


Ethereals & Kibbe, i.e., a high level of compatibility of Ethereals with the base types:

  • Soft Gamine – Rose, Alabaster, Fairytale (+ Retro), Sparkly
  • Flamboyant Gamine – Energetic (full), Sparkly, Fairytale, Royal (King), Mahogany
  • Gamine – Sparkly, French, Crimson
  • Soft Natural – Moon, Mermaid, Slavic
  • Flamboyant Natural – Wild, Royal (King), Mahogany
  • Natural – Luminous, Wild, Wind
  • Soft Classic – Crystal, Mermaid
  • Dramatic Classic – French, Sun
  • Classic – Crystal, Sun
  • Theatrical Romantic – Star, Retro Fairytale, Crimson
  • Romantic – Mermaid, Crystal, Rose
  • Soft Dramatic – Royal (King and Queen), Mahogany, Crimson
  • Dramatic – Crimson, Sun

Ethereals which often appear in base types, are their integral elements (sometimes hidden) and are not listed above:

  • Soft Gamine – French, Royal (King and Queen), Slavic, Mahogany
  • Flamboyant Gamine – Wind, Crimson, French
  • Gamine – Sun, Energetic, Fairytale
  • Soft Natural – Wind, Wild, Mahogany
  • Flamboyant Natural – Wind
  • Natural – French
  • Soft Classic – Retro Fairytale, Rose
  • Dramatic Classic – Crimson, Energetic
  • Classic – French, Rose, Slavic, Alabaster
  • Theatrical Romantic – Crystal, Rose, Royal (Queen)
  • Romantic – Star, Mahogany
  • Soft Dramatic – Spanish Energetic, Moon, Star, Rose
  • Dramatic – Wind


Your ultimate base